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Courses in a meal

How many courses do you serve with your dinner? I find that today most people only eat one course when they cook at home. The exception seems to be a holiday meal. I know that I fall into that category. Usually something along the lines of a protein, vegetables and maybe a starch is my typical fare for dinner. Has American society lost the art of fine cooking? We seem to love to eat out but even then do you have more than one course? Questions I seem to ponder. While searching for this week’s recipe to try out. There are several I want to try and I am finding scheduling to be a problem. Wanting something quick and simple for convenience. Which led to the pondering of courses in a meal and where had they gone. While I would love to serve the equivalent to my Thanksgiving dinner, I certainly can not spend all day in the kitchen everyday. Have come to the conclusion that I only spend really 3 days that I cook to a large magnitude and should be doing it more but just not everyday. So while on my journey to learn new recipes, I will also endeavor to cook large (several courses) meals once a month. This means of course I will need to invite people to eat. If dear reader you are lucky enough to be one of those guest, please comment on my meal here and let others know how it was.

This weeks delight will be something simple, fun and falls into the quick convenience category. I am making a mug cake. I have never had one and have seen many recipes out there for them. My new cookbook I picked up had several easy and delicious sounding ones. While this is not fancy and not dinner, it is practical for dorm life. My daughter is off to college in the fall and we are experimenting with things that can be microwaved. So we thought we would give it a try. I will let you know how it works and taste with pictures. If it’s a huge success I will post the recipe.

Cook book addiction

Yes, I have a cook book addiction. Well a book addiction for certain. It’s extremely hard for me to walk out of a bookstore without having something in hand. Today I went into the Jo Ann Fabrics to get fabric for a sewing project. Because it’s 24 miles away, I had to look around the whole store. What happens, I leave with 5 new cookbooks. Two of them I know my daughter will manage to take off to college with her come fall. One I couldn’t resist because I am a huge fan. The second one was because I like to bake. The third was because my Mother in Law gave me a mini doughnut maker for a gift a year ago and I have only used it once. Now I’d probably had used the doughnut maker more if I had more than recipe for it, hence the new book. When it comes to cookbooks, I am like a kid In the candy store and I want them all. Can you guess which books the daughter will take?

I am still contemplating my new recipe for the week, perhaps it will come from one of these new books. I can’t say for certain as I also love kitchen gadgets as well and have a tagine I have not used yet. So it really could be anything. My husband talked about going out to dinner on Friday, but I am thinking I might like to surprise him with something new that I have made.

For those who wondered what recipe I used for the Coq au Vin, it was Julia’s of course.


Coq au Vin

Sunday turned out to be a work in the yard all day. Managed to get the rest of my garden in. There was also lots of other things to do out there so by the time I came back inside I was tired. My dear sweet husband made Indian curry for dinner instead. So I promised to make dinner Monday night.

Monday-tonight, I call it a success for dinner. I made Coq au Vin and it was tasty. Also made garlic golden mashed potatoes as a base. My family was so stuffed that dessert was not to be had.
I used my favorite red wine. Cupcake’s Red Velvet.

Now to figure out what my next recipe should be.


This week’s Adventure

This week I started this blog and have yet to cook something new. It has been  real adventure learning how to blog and how WordPress works. Yes if you use the desktop to work and edit it is much different from using your iPad. So lesson for the week, I will mostly post from my desktop. Now onto picking something out for the week. Today is Saturday and the end of the week for me, so no new recipe for tonight. Tonight I am trying out a Ramen Noodle Shop that I have never been and recently heard about. Hopefully they will be good. Really looking forward to it.

So what to cook for the new week, let’s try Sunday dinner. I have Mastering the Art of French Cooking that I really need to cook from.My family bought me both volumes and will be visiting in a month. I am sure they will expect to sample some new recipes that I have learned from it.  I will attempt the Coq au Vin tomorrow. Originally I was going to try this recipe a few weeks back but was sick and just not feeling it. Now that I am all better I am excited to try it and serve it with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts as sides.  I am also thinking of making Creme Brulee as dessert.  My husband bought me a little kitchen torch and dishes. I have never used them or made Creme Brulee before either. But figure why now go all out the first time out for cooking for my blog. I will take pictures and post afterwards how it all turned out.  Happy Eating!!!

Journey Ahead

phone dec 2011 027My name is Robyn and I love to cook. I admit that my cookbook collection is crazy. When I pass by cookie cutters in the store I have to resist buying new ones. My two favorite places to shop are William & Sonoma and The Cooks Warehouse. So I have created this blog to share my recipes, food experiments and new food things I try. My goal is to try one new recipe a week and blog about it. To expand my cooking knowledge and learn new things. If I happen to try more than one in a week then. I will write about each one in that week. I will post pictures as well. Would love your feedback as well. Bon Appetit!!

My Garden

While not a recipe it is where all good meals start. I spent the weekend planting my garden. Lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable to plant as I hate to buy those things in the grocery store. I also post pictures of how my garden is growing and what i make from the things I get.