So how does one make a food blog good? Research of course. Well that seems to be all I have been doing the last week. Recently I talked with my Mother and she felt my food pictures needed to be better. She suggested that I do not use my beautiful blue plates, use some linens instead of my counter top and try photographing from a different angle. So I thought about this and looked at my pictures so far of food and think that my mom might have a point to what she was saying. She is a photographer after all. The next thing I did was buy several books online about food photography and styling, and some on food blogging. I looked at so many food blogs, tons of post on Pinterest and lots of food photos online. It was so much information out there and it was all very informative. The next thing I did was shop for some linens, plates and photo equipment. Now I did not go out and break the bank for this because this is just a hobby for me, A journey in expanding my culinary education. So in the next few post I will be using my camera and not my Ipad, which is what my first few photos were taken with.  This weeks menu will be cooking some new things in a crockpot and baking as well. Yes I fully think Pinterest is an evil place that I go to look at food stuff and loose half of my day. I know have business cards and a new Facebook page as well that has been keeping me busy.

One thought on “Research

  1. ok so i say lets eat ,drink and food blog i find it very interesting for many of us wanting to do this blog ……hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm were do i begin # take somethin that you or first timers to come up somethin creative like # 2 is it cooking ,wine tasting ,cheese tasting to the richness of a piece of heaven when you take that first bite into that amazin flavor that you have been serching for and you go home and start blogging home good this cheese was dancing on the rough of your pallet.#3 baking yes i feel it can be a challenge but come on it is awsome and yes it can be frustrated thats why you have to be patient and you cannot rush baking.#4 cooking now who loves to cook and eat omy again this is why we try to experiment on what is good and like i love julia childs and i think thats were some times i would love to be in her pearls .she has inspirred me on my first spagettie squash and it was awsome. when i think of # 5 i will get back with you.nite food bloggers


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