The Crazy Road I Travel

Hello all my Foodies out there. Where have I gone and what have I been up to? Life has been crazy and thought I had posted an update about my whereabouts for the end of October and November, sadly it did not go out as it should of. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Japan for 2 1/2 weeks. While there I did sample many different foods and even was lucky enough to have a cooking class. Getting back from Japan and having the holidays begin led to more craziness. While I did cook and have some future blog entries for what I made. The new year has had me busy organizing and researching for the blog. I chose not to make resolutions this year but a list of recipes I had not made before. Today I have 60 different recipes on that list. Two of those I have made in the last week and will be posting about soon. Hopefully I will be on track and post every week with some new surprises. Including some treats from Japan.

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