Sur la table

Recently I got a card in the mail for this new store. I had never heard of them and so I checked them out online. After looking at their website I was so excited to go see it. There were so many cute aprons there. I told my husband about this store and he decided to go with me. Our drive down to the mall and checked it out. Oh boy it as like being in a candy store for adults. There was so much in the store that we both wondered around for a while in the store. All I wanted was a new apron, I ended up coming out of the store with a few new ramikins too. My husband took one look at them and said I needed them for chocolate souffle. He knows they are on my list of things to cook this year. I think that was a hint. Anyways if you have a chance to visit this store or go to their online site, I highly recommend it.

Enjoy the photos from the store. They offer a discount in store if you are a professional. 

Yes I love cooking and kitchen toys are like crack. Think this place rates right up there with my Le Creuset outlet store and William and Sanoma. 








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