The Things I Miss The Most-My Kitchen

A month ago I wrote and told you that I was in the middle of a move. This has been my biggest move in the last twenty years in way of packing stuff up. Currently I am in Georgia finishing the final small projects and last bits of stuff needing to be packed before I head north to Virginia where my husband is at. The movers delivered our stuff the week before Thanksgiving. I was trying to unpack that week and get my new kitchen in order and then prepare a meal for the holiday. This year it was just the three of us. My daughter came home from the university which was nice to see her. I missed having friends come for the holiday but was relieved that I didn’t have to scramble to clean and organize the new place. I managed to get most of the kitchen and pantry squared away and make my traditional turkey. At the end of the week headed back south to return our daughter to school and finish up here in Georgia. So here I am the first week of December in a mostly empty house, sleeping on an air mattress and I realize how much I miss cooking. My meals of late have been frozen foods, pre packed salads or eaten out. I have paper plates and plastic utincils I have been using up. It’s been several crazy months of trying to get everything done and finished up.

The point to all this is to let you all know what I have been up to, but to also let you know how badly I miss being in the kitchen. I started thinking about all the things I missed making and realized what I missed making the most. Because it’s winter now I keep thinking about my heartier recipies. Meatloaf is what on my mind. I have been thinking about it with my creamy mashed potatoes. Is it weird to dream of food? I hope not because I do. When I head back north in another ten days again I have already been planning what I am cooking first. Meatloaf obviously but because it’s cold I also have to bake. This time of year I always bake a lot as well. Not being able to just seems weird, it’s how I heat my house on those cold days. I have a holiday party I will be going to so I will be baking my poppyseed tea cake to take with.

When you can not get into the kitchen what is it do you miss making? I look forward to hearing what it is you like to make the most.

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