Back to the Kitchen

Hello all my fellow Foodies. I know it has been months since I have written anything. You probably think I fell off the planet. Actually I was just that busy with the crazy move to Virginia. For a while I was living between two house and driving back and forth to get our house on the market. The house actually had many bids and went under contract four times. It was just plain crazy. Monday I returned from my last trip to the Georgia house. We had some last few things to check on before we sold it. Tuesday it finally sold and are now ready for the next adventure.

So besides moving what else have I been up to? Cooking but in a much smaller kitchen. The place we are renting currently has a galley kitchen and little cupboard space. It also has a very outdated electric oven. I have days I miss my old gas stove. So while we are looking for our new place, I made a gas stove my #1 request for a house, a double oven being my #2 request, and last but not least counter/cupboard space as my #3.

I have several new blog post that will be coming up featuring everything from new herb garden, spice stores, and tasty desserts. I have had some new adventures to tell you all about.

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