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Hello all my Foodie Friends!

Many have wondered where I went to since my last post. Since the move to the temporary rental house I have found it hard to blog about food. Mostly because the kitchen here has depressed me. I hate that its small and that the electric stove does not cook evenly. I have been looking to buy a new home and of course the first thing I look at is if it has a gas stove, if it doesn’t would it be easy to install one. Then I am looking at the counter and cabinet space. I dream of having a double oven too.

So while in these temporary quarters I have done a few cooking projects and will be blogging about those soon. But what have I actually been up to? I have been collecting cookbooks. Looking inspiration in both old and new. I do think that I am crazy for French cooking as I have purchased several sole on that style cuisine. The other cookbooks I have collected recently have been vintage cookbooks.

At the beginning of this year I decided to go back to school. I am in a Public History and Historic Preservation program, which has also kept me busy. One of my classes was a Digital History class and the professor kindly suggested I do my finial project on my vintage cookbooks.  Its been a spark for me when it comes to cooking things. I have created a digital archive of vintage cookbooks. While not a vast amount currently it is a start. I will be keeping up this new website as time allows me to update it. I am hoping to add a little every month. So if you come across something that you think might help to add to the site, drop me a note.

Check it out Olde Time Cookbooks

Bon Appetit!

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