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Into the Kitchen and Finally Cooking

Typical luck would be that I get all set up to cook and then something happens. Realizing this is what real life is like for most. The thing we intend to do is not always what we end up doing. Two weeks ago I was ready to cook after dropping my daughter off at college. I had spent the day shopping at Trader Joe’s and Kroger. Then the following day I spent with a dear friend. We went for our morning walk, then went shopping for the day. Her air conditioner was out at home and I thought that perhaps a trip to the Mall, lunch and check out the new Sprouts grocery store were in order to keep cool. We had a lovely day and Sprouts was so overwhelming. Unfortunately that evening she got sick and I ended up taking her to the hospital. So while she was there I spent the rest of the week spending time with her at the hospital. Thankfully she got to come home but that meant I did not cook until Friday of that week. This past week I have been playing catch up around the house. Of course I am in the middle of my Fall Cleaning, that by no means is done overnight. I like to deep clean in the fall before I put up all my holiday decorations out. Now I am finally back into the kitchen and cooking again. I have a lot to post and there will be several post over the next couple of days as I catch up. Also look for my cookbook reviews post as well. I have been working on several new updates to the site and now how direct domain name registered for the site. You can now just go to www.Journeyinfood.com to get to me. Yeah! I have also ordered business cards with my name and web address because I found out that several people were wanting cards after talking to them. Yes I have been a very busy girl.

This week’s Adventure

This week I started this blog and have yet to cook something new. It has been  real adventure learning how to blog and how WordPress works. Yes if you use the desktop to work and edit it is much different from using your iPad. So lesson for the week, I will mostly post from my desktop. Now onto picking something out for the week. Today is Saturday and the end of the week for me, so no new recipe for tonight. Tonight I am trying out a Ramen Noodle Shop that I have never been and recently heard about. Hopefully they will be good. Really looking forward to it.

So what to cook for the new week, let’s try Sunday dinner. I have Mastering the Art of French Cooking that I really need to cook from.My family bought me both volumes and will be visiting in a month. I am sure they will expect to sample some new recipes that I have learned from it.  I will attempt the Coq au Vin tomorrow. Originally I was going to try this recipe a few weeks back but was sick and just not feeling it. Now that I am all better I am excited to try it and serve it with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts as sides.  I am also thinking of making Creme Brulee as dessert.  My husband bought me a little kitchen torch and dishes. I have never used them or made Creme Brulee before either. But figure why now go all out the first time out for cooking for my blog. I will take pictures and post afterwards how it all turned out.  Happy Eating!!!