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Whoops, I mean tonight’s dinner

Tonight’s dinner was a nice French meal of Beef Bourguignon. Originally I had planned to use Julia Child’s recipe, but instead used Ina Garten’s. I must say that no matter the recipe it is time consuming to make and worth every minute.

After a quick stop off at the grocery store to pick up fresh cut bacon, mushrooms and garlic; a phone call, potted my new mint plant, I started dinner. Gathering most of the ingredient and prepping as I cooked. Finally get to the part of adding the cognac and lighting it. Recipe says to stand back, boy were they not kidding. Whoosh it went and me slightly panicking at how high the flame went. Thankfully not for long as it burned off, but it did have me a bit worried. Bottle of Cupcake Brand -Red Velvet added to the pot and bringing to a simmer. Oh man did the house smell fantastic. Into the oven it went to cook longer and the smells only got better. Husband came home and was roaming the kitchen waiting for it to be done. ( think he was a bit hungry). Dinner comes out and finishes on the stove. Then to serve it over a slice of toasted country mountain bread. My husband digs in and says that it is wonderful and should serve when his folks are here. I say that means eating it again next week. He was okay with that since it was so tasty.
I sit down and finally taste it,oh my goodness why in the world had I never tried to make this dish before. It was fantastic. In the end everyone was stuffed and happy another new recipe to add to my dinner line up. Here are some shots of dinner in process and the plating. Highly recommend Ina’s recipe for those looking to try something new.